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Product Development

Tap into over a decade of cannabis market trends experience from an extraction perspective. Get in touch with what genetics, consistency, and flavor profiles consumers want and the critical to quality parameters needed to get there.

Process Engineering

Through the application of cGMP, other best practices, and our experience we can optimize EtOH, LPG, and multi-solvent extraction systems as well as chromatography, distillation, and remediation post processing without compromise.

Pesticide Remediation

From first-detection methods to full on remediation of product, experience with organic and analytical chemistry combined with our industry knowledge can protect your investment. Don’t be caught out on a batch, know that you will pass with consistent in-house analytics.

Sensory Analysis

Ensure product consistency by utilizing proven practices employed by the food and beverage industries. Accurately and consistently advertise your products unique sensory attributes to build brand reputation and value.


Benefit from tried and true statistical models and continuous improvement practices developed by Six Sigma and utilized by businesses from Amazon to MillerCoors. Deployed in conjunction with cGMP, discriminatory testing, microbiological testing and environmental monitoring, be in complete control of your process quality.

Safety & Health Cal/OSHA Compliance

With over 300 hours of OSHA training from OSHA OTIs and resulting contacts with specialists, we can focus your safety efforts into substantially compliant programs (including a CA compliant IIPP) that will lower your business’s liabilities.

Employee Training

We can provide the CA required CAL/OSHA, and the OSHA, 30 hour general industry outreach training. We can also provide employee training to operate laboratory equipment, meet SOPs/MMPs, as well as all OSHA requirements, and prepare employers and employees for success and safety.

On Site Inspections and Analysis

We can provide on-site inspections and Cal/OSHA required periodic inspections; Job site monitoring for everything from quantifying hazards, to ensuring compliance and operational consistency.

Facts in Numbers

OSHA publicly keeps records of all workplace injuries. In 2017 an average of 14 people died everyday doing their jobs in America. This average is down from 38 deaths per day in 1970 when Nixon signed the OSH Act into law.


In Fines for LPG standards in manufacturing industries from


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Our Team

We are two Cannabis patients with over a decade of cumulative experience in the California Medical Cannabis industry. We have the education and training to match our passion.
Jacob Enslein, CSHO

Bachelor’s degree of Mathematics

Alex Hinshaw

Bachelor’s degree of Fermentation Science

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