About Us


Why we are the Right choice

Medical Cannabis Experience

Trained by Graywolf at Skunk Pharm Research in 2013, we built and operated ‘closed-loop’ extractors using distilled solvent sourced from gas companies. While operating a cannabis extraction company in the greater Los Angeles area we dealt with everything from sourcing raw material to sales. We have the experience and understanding to appreciate the big picture of your business.

Passion for Cannabis

Passion drives refinement. The intrinsic betterment extractors have for end-user product quality and development has driven more improvement and innovation in Cannabis products than any other force. We believe in fostering passion for cannabis into good business practices.

Forward Thinking

Non-cannabis industries have developed amazing practices while cannabis was illegal. The successful cannabis businesses of tomorrow will not only incorporate these practices, but strive beyond to develop new best practices for the cannabis industry as a whole. Let us help you get there first.

Cannabis Advice for Business Experts

Business Advice for Cannabis Experts

We focus on gaining the skills, training, and knowledge necessary to complement our cannabis industry experience to be able to offer you productive aid in bridging any gaps in your growing business

Quality Assurance/ Quality Control, Six Sigma, Sensory Analysis, Lean Manufacturing, current Good Manufacturing Processes,  Safety & Health compliance; Business practices from a variety of industries can benefit your business.

Strain and genetics knowledge, critical to quality characteristics for extraction for different products, storage requirements, qualitative flavor profiling; The best cannabis experience is gained the fun way, producing and using cannabis products.

We have the skills and experience to take your business where you want it to go.


Get Competitive & Affordable Advice.